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Then 1986 || Now 2020

This original photo was created in 1986 with her Erica's mum, Erica, her daughter Jan and granddaughter Juleen.

What a privilege, 35 years later for that same granddaughter to arrange a replica generation shoot.

Truthfully, we didn't even know if we were going to have a chance to do this shoot.

Up until 2 hours before hand , Erica had been unwell and too lethargic to be out of bed. But we prayed for the best and to have this time in honour of her 99th birthday.

As we arrived , it was a joy to see she was in her wheelchair ready for us. Dressed and with red lippy (an Erica favorite).

As the girls got together these incredible moments unfolded

We looked at the photo.

We applied red lipstick, the girls always knew that red lipstick was for special as it was the height of sophistication .

We sang happy birthday to Erica.

Juleen sang her favorite songs (and juleen can sing, let me tell you) .

Erica's friends visited and said hello.

They held hands.

And we recreated the 4 women picture from 1986.

How rare and precious are our moments with our grandparents and yet to have 4 generations of women in the same room.

And as if this moment couldn't get any more heartfelt - a surprise and unplanned visit from her great grandson brought tears to all our eyes.

Barely able to hold her up until this point, at the sight of her grandson, Erica was up right and out reaching to get out of her chair to see him.

It was like she was waiting for him all along

This moment was even more special - read Juleen Lagerweij Family to find out why this moment was everything.


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