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Let's answer some questions about your newborn shoot


Frequently asked questions

When should I book my newborn shoot ?

As early as possible! Ensure you book with enough time to secure your preferred date and allow time for a maternity shoot as well. Your second trimester or by the beginning of 3rd trimester is usually the ideal time to book, but the sooner the better. I also know little ones have their own schedule, so our shoot date is flexible.

When is the best time to photograph a newborn baby?

Newborn babies are ideally photographed in their first two weeks and ideally between their 5th -13th day . At this time, they are extra sleepy and tiny which is ideal for newborn shoots.

What happens if the baby arrives early?

Your newborn booking is a flexible date that we can confirm closer to time of birth. I allocate a certain amount of bookings a month so we can make a specific date when the baby arrives or if c-section is planned.

How do you ensure baby’s safety during our shoot?

Newborn babies are as gorgeous as they are delicate. We take a number of measures to ensure the health and safety of our babies including and not limited to: • Ensuring we have and maintain recommended vaccines.
• Regular use of hand sanitisers, face masks through the session.
• All linen and props are thoroughly cleaned between shoots.
• Socks are worn at all times and no shoes are worn in house during the shoot. • Knowing details of baby’s birth and mums health to take into consideration of posing (c-section, complications during birth and other factors). • Being flexible in dates to accommodate sickness and covid testing.
• Providing a baby-led shoot. We work around the baby and our posing does not require highly constricted poses or composite photos.

What do we wear in a newborn shoot?

For mums, a simple and flowing dress or simple ensemble are best. Nothing too fitted or restricted as hugs and comfort are a must! For dad, a simple short or jeans and a plain short with no buttons. More information and advice will be provided during your Consult.

What areas in Sydney do you travel to for newborn shoots?

For shoots within Sydney metro, your travel fee is covered within your session fee. For areas outside Sydney metro, or where session fee is not applicable, travel charges may apply.

How long does a newborn shoot go for?

A newborn shoot takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the number of people in the session.
We take our time with newborn shoots to allow for settling, feeding and to ensure the most relaxed shoot possible.
I recommend you refrain from visitors during our shoot and keep the remainder of your day un-scheduled. Allow yourself some time to unwind, rest and enjoy this special time. Some of my clients like to treat themselves to a special take away afterwards, why not do the same!

How many family members can be in our newborn shoot?

All our newborn shoots include immediate family members of the baby's household and are limited to up to 6 people.

If you would like additional family members in your shoot, please let us know at time of consultation.

When do we get to see our images from the shoot?

Your 'Curate' ordering and viewing session will be arranged within 10 days of your shoot. Our viewing sessions take place at my home in South West Sydney. However, if travel is not possible, viewing sessions will be done remotely via a Zoom consult. A sneak peek of your shoot will also be available on our Instagram and Facebook pages so ensure to follow us!

Do you require a deposit to our shoot?

Your session fee, required at the time of booking, ensures a spot is held for you on our calendar. Please note that this fee is non refundable.

Do you have gift vouchers for newborn shoots ?

While we don't offer gift vouchers, we do have gift registries available for newborn shoots . We are happy to discuss a gift registry so that friends and family can contribute to your session and photographic collections. Simply let me know you would like more details at the time of your enquiry.

Do I need to get hair and make-up done for a newborn shoot?

For our newborn shoots, we suggest keeping your hair and make up simple and natural. You are welcome to arrange for your own makeup and hair however this is not a requirement. I advise clients to ensure any hair or make up appointments are flexible in the event of rescheduling (eg adverse weather, sickness).

When is the best time for a maternity shoot?

The best time to have a maternity shoot is from 28 weeks and ideally, between 30-34 weeks. We recommend this time as you will have a gorgeous bump without feeling too uncomfortable and also have time to reschedule if needed.


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