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Ok, can i tell you something ? This shoot was a year in the making.


Covid has thrown a few things output never before have we had to be so flexible with our plans, as this family would know!

So here's how it happenED:

January 2020

"Em! Mitch and Jess are having a baby and i would love to get a nice shot of us all together when they are next here in March"

"No worries Lucille, let's book in a date when we know they are coming up."


March 2020

“Em - Mitch and Jess are Em we will have to reschedule as they are in melbourne so will have to wait to restrictions lift."

"Ok Lucille, lets just wait until restrictions lift" So we waited .

And waited.

And waited .

And then finally, the end of the year and Christmas approaches- restrictions lift!

"Lucille - let's organise this shoot!"

"Yes Em - let's get something happening for Christmas !"

Then northern-beaches-covid-gate occurs.

So we wait.


Finally after 12 months of waiting, we have a date.

9th March 2021.

After a whole year , the family , for the first time, are together.

The cousins, aunts and uncles are beyond excited to see their family and enraptured in their beautiful niece and cousin.

I hoped and prayed that after all this time, our shoot would have the best weather for this family who have waited so long.

And on the day .

It rained.


We then picked a date in the week the Melbourne family were visiting that had the “least” amount of rain and all systems go.

We turn up and …. It's overcast. And sprinkling.

But we carried on as God knows, I was going to do everything i can to make this shoot special for this family. So we took the time to shoot and although the sun was elusive for 80% of time, God graced us with 10 minutes of sun , just in time for the grandparents/grandkids shots.

So in team with the theme, the grandkids really do brighten up lives.

And in reality, nothing, not COVID or a little weather will ever stop that.

Here's to one of the most anticipated and most cherished shots i think i have ever done.


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