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Before you read this, read over our Erica Daphne Shoot as this blog is the sequel

This was one of the most emotional shoots I've ever done.

Having done Erica's shoot the day before, we finally were able to do the Lagerweij family shoot, with some amazing weather.

We were so elated we managed to have some amazing time with Erica yesterday that we had an inner glow for this shoot. Laughter and giggles were all round, and we had the most amazing sunset.

We decided to head over to the bridge as we giggled our way through some of the muck up photos at the 7pm sunset.

As we were taking photos, Juleen and I were basking in the glow of sun as well as the joy for the time with Erica. We were thankful for God's timing.

Later that evening, after i had download the photos from our shoot, i get a message from Juleen.

"Grandma passed away as we crossed the boardwalk this evening."

Erica had passed into her eternal home .

Merely one day after our shoot.

I cried as i felt the passing of a dear and kind lady as well as the full gratitude that God allowed us just that last day with her.

I think I know where that great sunset came from after all xx


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