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31ST AUGUST 2015

After having a little hiatus, this was such a lovely welcome back to shooting.

Beautiful weather, beautiful home and of course - a beautiful family.

There is nothing like these early newborn moments in the quiet of being at home. Capturing the early newborn bubble with the backdrop of your own home is really just magical . IT might seem like a "just a home" or "just a bedroom" but this is your history in the making. This is the house you welcome you children into.

This is the house you feed, wash and nurture those little ones.

This is the house you swept, cleaned, cooked and rearranged all to do it again.

It's the most work you will ever do , without ever leaving the home or having the official job title.

But somehow in this gorgeous chaos, this home will be on your heart forever.

So go ahead and capture those home moments, no matter how small, one day, they really be worth so much more:

They will be your history.


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