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Hey mum-to-be,

Becoming a mum is such precious time, but doesn't it feel like there is so much to do?

And who knew someone so little came with so many things!

It's hard to know what you will need for your little one and what you won't.

Here are some things i'm glad i invested in ...


In your nursery, it's best to invest in:

A feeding chair

For your nightfeeds, ensure you have a chair that is well worth the comfort. Ideally it should be comfortable for sitting as well as reclining so you can take a sleep when needed. Also look for a chair that has low armrests so you are able to breast or bottle feed easily.

A good cot

Cots that grow with your child are the bees knees! Look for the cots that are high for newborns, then sit lower for infants and have a removable side for when they are a toddler , this will save so much time and be an easier transition for your bub.

A change station

Doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to be stocked and easily accessible.

This can be a change table, change trolley or a station on top of a dresser. Have a spot set up to have wipes, nappies and lotion ready at the go.

Night light

Having a soft light will be ideal for those night time feeds. Ideally something that will tell you time, temperature and have variable light settings is great. It will also be soothing as your little one grows older too.

Baby monitor

This is more optional but definitely handy for keeping an eye on your little one. Most models include audio and video so keeping an eye on your little one is easy.



So what do I look for in a pram?

This will all depend on your needs but I recommend asking yourself the following:

  • Is it lightweight and easy to pack down and set up? Easy to maneuver as well as pack in and out from a car easily are a must.

  • Is it versatile and adapt as baby grows? Ideally, this needs to be suitable for newborn right up to toddler . To save buying multiple prams, find one that grows with your baby .

  • Does it have sufficient space to store bag and extra things ? More than a novelty, ensure there is room for a grocery bag or two for when you're out and about.

  • Can you add a second seat or toddler platform? As well as growing with your baby, can you add another section if you have another child? Rather than buying a whole new pram, it's so handy to just add a second seat or platform.

  • Is it easy to use? I call this the shop test :how would it go in a shopping trip? How easy it is for the pram to steer, brake and push in general. A pram that breaks easily, steers well and is easy to use are essential. Also note it's width - the shop test means it needs to fit easily down an aisle or travelator so you can move around with ease.


As you'll need this for the first few years, choose one that is comfortable as well as practical. There are great backpacks that have easy to reach pockets and are ergonomically sound. Ensure its comfy, has good pockets and makes its easy to access all your essentials .


When you just want to leave for a quick walk or playdate, a stroller caddy is great for putting in your essentials. A little something to put your keys, phone and other items this makes getting out the door a lot easier.


Whether carrying your groceries or an extra bag of baby stuff, this was one of my favorites.

Simply attached to your pram handle, it was handy for carrying that extra item.

Invest in one that is heavy duty and always be aware to not overload your pram.

SIZE GUIDE FOR CLOTHES 0000 up to 3 months 000 3-6 months 00 6-9 months 0 9- 12 months

And take it from me, you really don't need :

  • Wipe warmers

  • Multiple shoes, especially for the first 3 months

  • Hooded baby towels and blankets - you will be gifted many of these

  • Gimmicky gadgets - resist the urge!

  • Too many toys - bubs won't be able to enjoy just yet them so hold off for now


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