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To the Mum with a child with additional needs:

I see you.

I see you working so incredibly hard.

You were flung into a maze you never knew existed let alone had to be solved.

I see you turning over every stone- looking into every therapy possible. Hoping that maybe, just maybe, this will make life easier.

I see you at therapists visits.

Sometimes they are helpful and you are heard and valued.

Sometimes they aren’t always so helpful. They sometimes give you all the talk when they have never have known that walk, that you have had . And have to live with.

I see you doing basic things - washing hair, feeding diner, getting dressed with the vigilance of an Olympic coach. You never knew these elementary and fun ( or so we thought) things could be so traumatic .

I see you . I stand with you . I am you .

You aren’t alone and guess what.

*You’re doing an amazing job*

They say it takes an amazing mum to do this job but what they don’t know is this: this job made me become the mum that I am.

I get it wrong; I lose my cool , I scream into a pillow and have had so many conversations with the big guy asking why does it have to be this way.

But it is this way. And am starting to be ok with that

Im ok knowing that the little things will be different for us , we can make that different beautiful .

Im ok with some people not understanding our situation, it just leads me to the ones that do, and they are like finding gold

I'm ok that i still have so much work to help them. But truthfully , they are helping me. They teach me what real compassion is . They show me who the kind ones are; they are little human barometers for who is kind and compassionate, to those who aren't .

So mum, i see you, . But your child sees you too, and truly, wen they see you, they see the world.

Keep going x


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