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I wasn't sure if i was going to post this but I decided to be brave and share anyway.

Right before this session, I had one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my photographic career.

Prior to this family, I was doing another shoot in a local park where a local resident harangued me for taking photos. Calling out from behind his fence, I had to hold it together and relocate my clients so we could respectfully continue our shoot.

As we finished the shoot, I thanked my clients for being so gracious and proceeded to my next shoot. To say I was little shaken, was an understatement.

I can not put into words what it meant for me to arrive and see these smiling faces. As the light held up for us, these guys were true sunshine, both inside and out.

So the point of this share is not about my harassment (I genuinely feel sorry for the aforesaid gentleman). The fact is: day in and day out THIS is the reason I do what I do.

To celebrate beautiful people, and their families, by creating photos they will simply love for a lifetime.

Thank you Barbey family for joyfully reminding me of this, and for our time together.

PS - I enjoyed our quick coffee catch up as well x


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