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How awesome are the Blue Mountains? No, seriously , one of my most favourite places. Ever. This past Easter not only gave me some quality family-time in the mountains, but I also got to spend time with Claire and Andy and their beautiful (most-smiley-ever) baby Sammy. Enjoying the crisp fresh mountain-air while Sammy wooed me with his cuteness, made for a great photo shoot (we’ll just forget the mozzies made an appearance, hey?). I also discovered that Claire is possibly the BEST physio you could ask for. She has an amazing studio at their place that is really more like a day spa. If you need physio and can get to Glenbrook - you must see Clare at BodyWise Therapy. Heck, even if you can't get to Glenbrook - just get there! Seriously - she's that good. As this was Sammy's first Easter – I was really touched to do a shoot for this special occasion. It was truly lovely to spend some time with these guys and enjoy Sammy's beautiful grins and amazing blue eyes. Happy Easter little Sammy - and thanks again Claire and Andy. I'll be back soon for more super–duper-physio .


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