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7TH JUNE | 2014

You know that feeling when you have a toddler; you are renovating your house and have a baby on the way? Well, personally, I don’t but this lovely family do. And I totally take my hats off to them.

Sarah and Mo have managed to renovate their gorgeous house in the midst of welcoming Isaac into the world. His big brother Fawaaz was a cheeky little monkey who was a little camera shy, however, once we started giving kisses to Isaac, he wasn’t going to miss out on that. We also discovered Fawaaz liked playing ‘bob the builder’, so I enjoyed ‘hammering’ and checking to see if repairs were ‘level’ too J. Playing pretend and photography – oh yes, please!

Thank you Sarah and Mo for such a privilege of photographing your lovely family. Extra special thanks for the chocolates and sweets – I couldn’t get through them all!

Ems x


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