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I believe that the most beautiful pictures are born out of simplicity.

Regardless of the house you are in, where there is light, there are photos .

When I saw this one trom in the Morrissey house, the light was hitting ust perfectly. And I knew we had to maximise the light.

Nearly all of the photos you see in this blog are taken in the one room - yup, true story!

Does that mean the rest of the house wasn't beautiful - oh by no means!

We enjoyed a few little pics in big sister Maggie's room and a few in the nursery.

But where the light is right, we shoot to our delight

Ok, that is so corny but it's true.

And you don't

need a fancy house for it. When it comes to your newborn shoot , wherever there is light, we will work with it. And to be honest, these pictures and the people for that matter have become some of my favorites of all time.

Morrissey family, congratulations on your gorgeous little Francine, it was an honour to spend time with you all x


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