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Can I introduce you to Naomi from @littlewhitemouse ?

Naomi is an incredible graphic designer who specialises in business logos and custom stationery.

From designing gorgeous handmade cards to designing company logos - Naomi is a graphic design dream. Which is why i chose her to design our logo (how great is it)!

We had so much fun doing her branding shoot to refresh her website and social content .

And there might have been one too many laughs (and coffees) during our time, but hey, that’s how we roll!

A special shout out to @molliesbundeena for letting us use this gorgeous location (with stunning interiors designed by the incredible @pruelaneyinteriordesign )

So what is a branding shoot all about?

Did you know that a branding shoot is so much more than just your headshot?

Yup, gone are the days of cheesy and awkward corporate poses. You branding shoots are now an incredible way for people to get a real insight of you and your business.

Of course we will take a picture of you - naturally - but we also take the opportunity to photograph you so your clients can get really to know you.

During our shoot i love to take the opportunity to photograph pictures of:

  • You (headshot/portraits)

  • Your work (your art, creation or speciality)

  • You in action ( creating, writing, speaking)

  • Your product / service / finished work

  • Your business or where you work/create

  • Your idea of having fun - drinking coffee, reading, yoga

  • Personal stock images that relate to your work (desk shots, flowers, clouds, other artistic image

And this is just a start! The key is we will personalise it to you. During our consult call, we will work out just those photos you need - no cheesy pics allowed x

Getting light right on location

Want to go behind the scenes for this shoot?

Ever wondered how direct light looks soft and natural for on-location shoots?

Well, this is my absolute go-to setup!

Simply put along the main source of light and you have a soft but lit feel.

Perfect for at-home newborn shoots and lifestyle branding sessions.

Naomi Merciai - Preview

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