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This gorgeous lady is about to release her first book "The Torrent".

Dinuka is an insanely talented writer and I am so excited about this book .

Written from the perspective of a pregnant female detective ( a rarity in itself), Dinuka has written a protagonist who is as competent and passionate as she is about her job as well as her family.

It was a real pleasure to spend time with Dinuka and we even treated ourselves to some Thai afterwards.

As we chatted over dinner, we realised as fellow creatives, we both share the constantly playing down our craft and our abilities. It still feels weird to ever take pride in what we do, especially when so many other people are doing “ better” than us.

This is imposter syndrome at its finest. I feel it is an artist passage with that feeling of:

Am I legitimacy an artist ?

Is this actually real ?

Being able to have a personal branding shoot like this however is a great way to herald

"yes! this is real"

It really is a CELEBRATION of all your hard work.

But if you are also feeling the imposter syndrome here, remind yourself of this:

No one sees, hears, feels and expresses your art and your message the way YOU do.

Yes, other people may be amazing and you might perceive them as 'better 'than you, but what makes them better?

Experience ?

Great, but it's not YOUR experience.


Maybe. But they don't have YOUR gifts.


They won't have the same connections, circles, experience and unique community that YOU have!

The only person you need ever compare yourself to, is well, you.

Like Monica says to Chandler at thanksgiving dinner "stay out of this Chandler, this is between ME and ME!" Truly, if past you was to look at you now, she would feel insecure and intimidated, envious maybe jealous.

Would past you just love to be where you are now?

If the answer is yes, you are smashing it.

And future you is going to be very proud of you too .


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