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What's better than having two boys? Three of them !

These gorgeous big brothers welcome their beautiful little Robert and how loved he is!

Welcomed into a family in fabulous blokes, and an awesome emum, they are ready to start their family band or beginnings of a football team!

The boys Jack and Simon really were so gentle and so lovely with their new brother -it was great to see them bonding so soon.

Of course mum and dad are smitten too and rightly so! I had some lovely time with mum Jodie as we chatted and captured those early newborn snuggles. Being pregnant with my second, I asked for a little advice and Jodie kindly gave me a copy of “There's a house in mummy's tummy " For all the expecting mums out there - this book is a beautiful read for a little one who is about to become a sibling - highly recommended!

Thankyou Campbell Family for the wonderful time together (and extra thanks for the book!)

Ems x


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